Oh My.......God of War III

Today a mysterious package arrived on our doorstep. At first we thought it was the Twilight graphic novel we order but to our surprise it was the latest God of War game!!!!! Holy monkey butts Guillermo, we got a kick *ss game in the mail!
Here's to an evening filled with Kratos, cyclops', gods, minions, harpies, and tons of fun!!!!

Crap, its rated M for mature. I guess we will have to watch Jen and Brian play........


Hayal Arkadaşlarım

Çok sevimliler :)


This blog is just brilliant! LOVE it! =)


You are two cute monkeys! I got here from "next blog" and you guys are just the cutest gettin' into mischief. A friend of a friend has this little project going and I think y'all should participate.


What is better than monkey love?!


Ah hell...you guys can play. Watching is just as bad as playing in this game. Just remember, it's just a GAME! Last time (GOW2) Guillermo was singing the theme song 24/7 for like, a month!


this is such a nice website.

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