Weird things you come home to.....

Jen Here...... Yesterday as I came home from work I heard some odd giggling coming from the apartment. As I approached the top of the stairs I braced myself for any and all possibilities.

Farting contest.....

Socks on heads.....

Monkey swaddles.....

Guillermo's house of pickles (if you don't know what those pickles are, don't ask.... ok poops)

But this....

A balancing contest. Which monkey could balance a tongue depressor the longest.

Bernardo has some mad balance skills so he was the sure front runner!
Guillermo can be whiley at times and pull some odd skills out. His only downfall is that he gets a terrible case of the giggles. The tiniest mention of the words fart, toots, monkey, well anything he gets a bit of the Jerry Lewis gahay laughs.
Bernardo took full advantage of that fact and kept cracking jokes, so he was the ultimate winner. The grand prize was a branch from the Japanese Cherry Blossom tree in the front yard. Bernardo was a good smelling monkey last night!
However, since Guillermo is the gassier monkey I was really rooting for him to be the winner!

Jen out.


Melissa Lewis

hahaha! you made me laugh! That's what I needed!


This is so adorable. Yay for sock monkeys!


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