Friday Foto Finish 2.20.09

One of Jen's creations is joining us for this week's fx4 hosted by our favorite Candid Carrie.  He may be a zomie, but he is all kinds of cool.
Make sure you join in the phestivities.  

If you would like a little creepy guy of your own, Jen is hosting a Friday the 13th inspired giveaway on the non-minkee site.


Veggie Mom

Your guys are getting mighty "friendly" with that non-minkee gal, ain't they?


love your zombie! this inspired me to get back into crocheting>.............thanks :)


Cool looking non-minkee guy!!! You are so talented!


They're so calm to be hangin' w/ a zombie!!


Are the guys just being nice to the zombie because they know he is leaving soon?


Oh, I love these little guys! How cute! I started knitting again a couple years ago. Halfway through an afghan that I desperately want to finish by NEXT winter, LOL - just can't seem to get there!

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