Not again!

It must be THAT time of year again. The weather is getting warmer, but nastier at the same time. This was the weather bulletin for last Friday. Scary!

We were taking NO chances whatsoever. We heard the tornado sirens go off and we went into crisis mode. Finding a hard hat in our size is hard so we found the next best thing. Hard Funnels!!!!
We don't want a repeat of last years hail! That was a scary, scary day!
We spent the next few hours in hiding. Just some nasty rain and wickedly high winds. It was over in a couple of hours, but we were afraid that if the wind picked up we would fly away! Tiny knit monkeys don't weigh much and high winds can be detrimental to our lively hoods!



Stay safe little Minkees!!! I'd miss you if something happened to you!


I love the way you think! Hail is very scary... do you really live in Iowa? I do and I know how bad the weather can get here... Like today, after some wonderfully warm weather it has gotten so cold! I got my winter coat out again!


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Anggit Yuda

they both so cute .. ^^


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