Authentic Cheese heads!

Have you ever gotten some Babybel cheese and find yourself wondering what to do with the rinds? Well, just give them to a monkey!

They are the perfect size to cover up our ears and keep them nice and warm! Plus, with the 'jams' it completes the outfits!
The only problem is that if you leave them on your ears too long (ie 5 minutes or more) your whole head begins to smell like cheese....
Although, smelling like cheese is much better than smelling like toots!



Hehe...I love that Babybel cheese :) I'm going to have to send the rinds to you :P

Hope you managed to get the cheesy smell of of your fur...

Ro Magnolia

Oh my. I love Babybel cheese ... yet another sign that I need to find me a sock monkey. :)

Guillermo and Bernardo, you are the cutest monkeys I've ever seen. Wherever did your owners find you?


My daughter usually puts the cheese rinds on her nose! Maybe because of the nice cheesy smell. Now I can suggest a new location for her cheese rinds.

Thanks guys!

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