What the?!?

Um, we woke up to a very strange sight this morning.  We didn't know if we could approach the strange creatures without coming into harms way.

These weird tiny creatures have been staring at us blankly all day.  Guillermo tried giving them a welcome toot, but they didn't budge.  

After much curiosity we decided to ask our Creator what was going on in the living room and if this strange visit would be over soon.

Apparently these little fellas are adaptations from a chuthulu pattern from the book Creepy Cute Crochet.  They will be given as gifts to her 8th grade advisory class to remember all of the good times we had in class!

We just say thank you Jeebus that these cute, yet creepy, guys are leaving in the morning!



Love them! Welcome back Minkees! I've missed you!

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