The internet is for P*RN

Hey all! We are back from our hiatus, aka cleaning up our site and getting rid of some seriously nasty comments!

We were strolling through our site one day and noticed that we had quite a few comments in what appeared to be Japanese. Well, being curious little minkee fellows we decided to click on one of the websites. After the initial shock of seeing NAKED HUMANS and a lot of gagging we decided we needed to be proactive and get rid of all of the inappropriateness on this blog. The only naked things we support here is naked minkees!!!!!

We are pretty sure that we got it all deleted (there was A LOT of stuff to get rid of!). So sorry for comment moderation and word verification but we don't want any more shenanigans on our site!

We have some fun and adventures lined up for the near future so keep an eye out. Take care! Peace! Monkey!



this is so adorable...

Vintage and Cake

Your blog is too cute. Love the monkey's xxx


Glad to see the minkees are still monkeying around! I forgot how adorable they are. Thanks for making me smile today.


Yes, so glad you guys are back. And keep those little minkee ears protected.

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