Taking a cue from Jackass!

Hello! Guillermo Gray here. Today I am going to play a trick on my buddy Bernardo! It is called 'Fart Tube'.
Step one: You find a container on a shelf and get an idea.....
Step 2: You uncap the container, put it up to your butt, and muster up a few tangy toots.

Step 3: Give the tube to your buddy and tell him to open it.
Step 5: Get your buddy to open the tube and take a whiff.....
Step 6: Watch your buddy's eyes roll as he passes out from the noxious fumes.
Step 7: Quickly recap before you p a s s o u t.
Make sure you complete Step 7 quickly or else this may happen to you.

I wonder if Jackass will take our post to heart and make Stev-o sniff some Knoxville butt.....


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