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Good day all.  This week we are going to profile some nasty (yet really cute) bacteria.  So get ready for Professor B and Dr. G for this weeks lessons.
Our first bacterial expose` is this little blue fellow.  He is the common cold magnified to 1,000,000 times his normal size.  He looks sad because he can be a really nice guy but he doesn't have a lot of friends because he always seems to make them sick.  Don't you just want to give him a hug!
Professor B is keeping his distance.  He knows the effects this guy can cause.  He doesn't want to suffer from a runny nose, fever, scratchy throat or headache.  
Dr. G doesn't care so much about the way he will be feeling in a couple of days.  He just wants to make this common cold feel at home.  
Since the common cold is so easily spread, Professor B will probably be getting sick anyway.  Guillermo does love to share.

If you are interested in your own microbes check out ThinkGeek.com.  They have quite the selection.

Make sure to stop back later in the week to learn about stomach aches, fat cells, beer yeast and bookworms.


Veggie Mom

Funny! Thanks so much for the lesson from Dr. G. and Professor B.!

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