So, we have decided to enter into a new realm of the interwebs and try out this new fandangled thing called 'Instagram'.  Our creator and husband are trying to figure out how to add our posts without interfering with their 'yoga stuff' We mean awesomeness....  Keep an eye out for #twoknitmonkeys #guillermogray #bernardogray #pleepleus1


Playing with snap seed

Jen got a new iPhone ap called Snapseed. It is super fun and allows us to take photos and add cool features. Check out our gussy upped portrait.


Hair tie fiesta!

Well, Jen and Brian have been doing this six day Ashtangi challenge and they have left us at home with nothing to do.

It is too cold to play on the sun porch and we can only watch fish swim for so long. So we made our way to the bathroom and found Jen's stash of hair ties.....

We are curious little minkees you know.....



Brr it's cold out there!

We can't wait for January to be over! This is the view today.....


Day 2 - what we wore today

So for our day 2 challenge we had to take a photo of something we wore. So we present you with a close up of our unders.....


Self Portrait

We are trying a 30 day photo challenge. Day 1 is self portraits. How did we do?


Happy new year, a bit late...

We had quite the celebration New Year's Eve! Lots of hooting and hollering was had by all. Our creator and her hubby let us ring in the year with the bubbly!

Our resolution for 2013 - more monkey posts!!!!

See you soon!



Have a wondertastic day!!!

Party Like a Rockstar!!!


Hats are just awesome!

Being monkeys we always find joy in the little things in life, and today was NO exception!

While digging through/cleaning out Brian's closet we found these little doosies!  Leather 'hats' from Morocco that have been hand stamped!  Aren't we smokin' hot in these?!?  I wonder what else we can find if we keep digging in there.....

Don't we look awesome!

Monkeys you look like the Popes of banana town!

Are you going to give Brian his shoes back?


What the?!?

Um, we woke up to a very strange sight this morning.  We didn't know if we could approach the strange creatures without coming into harms way.

These weird tiny creatures have been staring at us blankly all day.  Guillermo tried giving them a welcome toot, but they didn't budge.  

After much curiosity we decided to ask our Creator what was going on in the living room and if this strange visit would be over soon.

Apparently these little fellas are adaptations from a chuthulu pattern from the book Creepy Cute Crochet.  They will be given as gifts to her 8th grade advisory class to remember all of the good times we had in class!

We just say thank you Jeebus that these cute, yet creepy, guys are leaving in the morning!


Horseback Riding

In our spare time we like to get out and get some fresh air.  This time we tried our hands at horseback riding.  Since we are little fellas we decided to start out small and ride the horse Jen made for her niece.

Bernardo had a great time trotting around field.  He was  a bit uneasy at first, but once he got the hang of it he was ready to enter a competition!

Guillermo was more about the photo ops.  Prior to this shot, Pleeps was riding sidesaddle along with G-mo.  I am sure you can tell what happened!

Pleeps got back on and gave it the old college try and had a fantastic time!  He is thinking about entering jockey school so h e can ride a 'big stallion'.  I hope he knows what he is getting into!!!

And if you are curious about why they have on their jams, they were worried about chaffing.  (Or sharting of the horse in one monkeys case.....)


It's been a while

Holy cow, it's been almost 6 months since our last post.  We wish we could say a lot has happened, but truth be told we have been just been hanging around the house being monkeys!  Sure, we took a couple adventures (One with Pleepleus that we need an NC17 rating for), but for the most part we have been homebound.  We shall return to our regular program tomorrow.  As for now, we need to do some grooming and get ready for our public.  

Its about time for some haircuts.....

Peace out, and see you VERY soon!!!!!


Hee hee hee....

Bernardo and Guillermo didn't make it up until the witching hour, probably because they started on the 99 Bananas around 4:30 in the afternoon. But I am MORE than awake and liquored up, so from myself, Pleepleus, and my buddies B and G...



Twas the night before Christmas...

...and all through the house,

not a creature was stirring,

except for us guys of course....waitin' for the fat man!

Merry Minkeemas everyone!


The Iceman Cometh

Hello all.

Check out these SWEET (fake) fur-lined boots Jen got for winter!

They look mosty-toasty indeed. Wait until the minkees see these babies! Looks like she got them just in time, since we had our first frost last night, and....wait a minute...I hear giggling!

Dammit, you guys...how do you DO that?

Alright, c'mon....everybody outta the pool! I KNOW they are nice and warm, but you can't stay in there all winter.

Well, after much grumbling and crabbing, they finally got out, but first I had to chase them around the place. It is very strange to be hot on the trail of two apparently empty (but hooting and giggling none the less) boots all throughout the house. But upon realizing that trick-or-treating is tonight, G-mo and B-man DID come up with a great costume idea:


Happy Halloween from Monkeytown!


Fun with Photo Editing Software

With some fun new editing tools we downloaded from the internet we were able to give you the oil painting versions of ourselves.  What do you think?



Next time we may just have to do some nudes.....


Never leave a monkey alone with an IPod touch.....

When Jen went to work this morning she forgot to grab her IPod Touch.  Being curious little fellas (and the recent addition of wifi in the house) we decided to check out all of the monkey related apps the IPod had to offer.

First was Wack-A-Mole minkee style.  You press on the monkey face as it appears on the screen.  Tons of fun!

Then the oh so much fun Crazy Monkey Spin. You have to have some pretty dexterous thumbs!

Monkey Money sounds like fun, huh?  Well, its not unless you like to play the slots with no rewards.  4 Minkee paws down!

Monkey Flight was kinda fun, but rather confusing.  

Bloons was just awesome.  You got to aim the monkey arm and then shoot a pin and pop the bloons.  It was a rootin', hootin' good time!

Things went pretty well, then the battery died.  We didn't have a chance to delete the games before she got home.  Hope she doesn't notice.....


Spa Vacation Pt 2

Spa day has arrived and we find the little minkees waking up in bed and getting ready to start their day of relaxation. 

The first treatment is a nice soak in the jacuzzi tub.  Due to modesty issues, we weren't aloud to photograph them using the tub.  Personally, I think it is because they didn't want to get busted playing with their rubber duckies and playing battleship.  

Here is Guillermo post-facial.  Look at the new monkee glow.

Due to some 'fro' issues, Bernardo wanted his pre steam picture posted instead of his post.  In his defense he did look like a very dark Wookie when he was done.  It was quite the impressive fro!

Bernardo and Guilermo then got ready for their 'couples massage'.  Since they were in Galena it was assumed that they were there 'antiquing' but they are just close minkee buddies who like to hang out together.

Before rolling over, Bernardo and his masseuse ended up having to move to a new, um..... fresher smelling location.  Bernardo didn't mind however, he was totally relaxed......  mmmmmmmm.....

"Hey, where did my buddy go?  Oh well, I am nice and relaxed..... Spa vacations are awesome!"  


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