Things you forget over the summer

Since going back to work I have been a little lax on putting my craft stuff away. Last night I was working on a cute little octopus and left some of the stuffing out. Oops. I came home to find Guillermo staring longingly at Bernardo's new do.

I keep hearing the lyrics to John Lennon's 'Jealous Guy' when I look at those two. But come on, Bernardo does look pretty awesome!

Guillermo decided he needed to show Bernardo up and go punk rock.
I really hope those don't color his head...

I wonder what these two will be up to tomorrow.


Taking a cue from Jackass!

Hello! Guillermo Gray here. Today I am going to play a trick on my buddy Bernardo! It is called 'Fart Tube'.
Step one: You find a container on a shelf and get an idea.....
Step 2: You uncap the container, put it up to your butt, and muster up a few tangy toots.

Step 3: Give the tube to your buddy and tell him to open it.
Step 5: Get your buddy to open the tube and take a whiff.....
Step 6: Watch your buddy's eyes roll as he passes out from the noxious fumes.
Step 7: Quickly recap before you p a s s o u t.
Make sure you complete Step 7 quickly or else this may happen to you.

I wonder if Jackass will take our post to heart and make Stev-o sniff some Knoxville butt.....


And so were back...

(To the tune of I will survive)

And so were back

In cyber space

Jen's back to work now
and we can play oh so much more

We should have warned our faithful bloggers
that were taking so time off

but you got and you came back to our site

(Minkee dance interlude)

So now don't go, don't leave our site

Come back often

And see what new adventures we have in store

We may be heading off to school or playing out on the porch

We will thrive and keep our readers enticed

Hey Hey...

Come back and checkout what we did over the summer. There are the strange 'massage' toys we played with, meet some new creations Jen made, our IPod touch downloads and so much more. Hope to see you soon!

Minkees out!


The Flying Bunn?

We found an interesting new creature in the apartment the other day. We are calling him 'the flying bunn' due to those wacky ears. I bet if he flapped them hard enough he would take flight.

Just in case he did that we found some box seats to watch the events. These things are made from styrofoam so after the flying lesson we plan on floating in the bathtub for a while.
Sometimes its good to be a monkey!


Go Figure....

One day back from vacation and I come upstairs to find this:
What on Earth can these two be watching?!?

Help us all, there is a DDD marathon on Food Network. If you hear random hooting this evening it is just two knit monkeys enjoying their show. What until tomorrow when we watch all the food shows we taped while we were gone.....

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