Martinis and Manicures

We are ready for our spa treatments Jen!  
I would like a mini facial and a massage please.
I would like an ear rub, eyebrow wax and a pedicure.  Whatever those are!?!
What do you mean your girls night out at Martinis and Manicures didn't teach you how to provide those services?  You got them instead.  You must feel like a very pampered person.  Hope you enjoyed it, but can we still have an ear rub?  P L E A S E . . . . .



Yes monkeys, I am a very pampered human. If you ask nicely you can have your ear rubs. We won't talk about the "Larry Sighting" though. Kelly can rehash it if she wants.

This Mom

I would love a masssage too. But i may have to just settle for bed.

Veggie Mom

I need a massage! And, someone has to do something about my eyebrows, before they jump clean off my face!!


Love those sock monkeys

Mama Dawg

Oh, crap. I about peed my pants when I saw the clips in their ears!


now that i have internet at my house i'm looking forward to catching up on all of the minkey gossip i've been missing. sweet!

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